Personal Injury Calculator

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Calculating the amount of compensation you may receive for your injuries can often be very difficult and a labour intensive process. The calculations are based upon several factors that vary on a case by case basis. However here at Pride Solicitors our commitment to every client is to maximise your personal injury claim compensation and to expedite the litigation process (if litigation is required).

There are typically two types of Damages which you can recover:


General Damages represents the pain and suffering for your injury/disability and loss of amenity damages which may be awarded to you for being unable to pursue the lifestyle which you enjoyed prior to your accident.

Damages are also payable for any subsequent disadvantage which you face on the open labour market where your injury may restrict opportunity or for loss of job satisfaction where specific employment can no longer be pursued as a result of the injury.

The starting point for valuing compensation for injuries is the Judicial College Guidelines (formerly Judicial Studies Board).


Often the financial loss which you suffer from an accident is larger in value than the claim for your PSLA (Pain, Suffering & Loss of Amenity). Special Damages refer to all losses (which are calculable) that you have incurred; ie to put you in the financial position that you would have been in had the injury not taken place.

Examples of the types which you are able to claim are below (provided that the losses can be proved):

  • Loss of Earnings (if you had to take time off work)
  • Future loss of earnings (if you are forced to miss work in the future)
  • Medical costs (such as physiotherapy/rehabilitation)
  • Travel expenses (to and from medical appointments, parking tickets etc)
  • Assistance for household chores (if someone has to look after you following an accident)
  • General out of pocket expenses

The above list are examples of Special Damages, but are not exhaustive. Please contact us to discuss what other losses may be recoverable.