The results below show typical compensation amounts for your injury*. Contact one of our team for a no obligation chat to find out how much YOUR CLAIM could be worth.

Foot injuries
Ankle fractures/soft tissue injury (minor) up to £9,000
Ankle fractures/soft tissue injury (moderate) £8,700 – £17,500
Ankle fractures/soft tissue injury (severe) £20,000 – £32,750
Achilles Tendon (minor – most serious) £4,850 – £25,250
Simple foot fracture/soft tissue damage up to £9,000
Moderate foot fractures/soft tissue damage £9,000 – £16,400
Serious foot injuries £16,400 – £25,750
Amputation of one foot £55,000 – £72,000
Simple toe fractures up to £6,300
Crush injuries to toes/multiple fractures £9,000 – £12,600
Amputation of big toe in the region of £20,500

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