Employment Law for Employers

Employment law is an increasingly complex area for both employer and employee. Pride Solicitors will provide an effective, practical and dedicated service in all areas of employment law.

From employers of small businesses to employers who have 100+ staff, it is vitally important that you treat your employees well, with respect and most importantly pursuant to their rights. In 2011-2012, there were over 186,000 claims accepted by Employment Tribunals in England and Wales. We understand the need to make sure that you are not the subject of such claims.

As the law on disciplinary and grievance procedures has changed in 2009 it is imperative that as an employer you are up to date on your rights and those of your employees so as to avoid (as far as you are
able) potentially costly disputes at the employment tribunal.

Below are some of the areas we often deal with:

Defence of harassment, bullying and discrimination claims.
Defence of claims of race, sex, age and disability discrimination
Dismissals and redundancies
Drafting simple and complex employment contracts.
Interpreting employment contract terms and your rights

Rest assured that our team of lawyers will work tirelessly to achieve a positive result for you.