Swearing and Certifying Documents

Some legal documents sometimes need a little more input and care than others. Pride Solicitors can assist with Swearing Oaths, taking Statutory Declarations, Certifying copies of documents and other such tasks:

  • Swearing an Oath – Where an individual confirms the truth of statements in an Affidavit. This usually arises in Immigration, Family and Civil matters.
  • Statutory Declaration – Often relates to property documents. When an individual declares the truth of statements in a document.
  • Change of Name Deed Poll – Where we can execute or create a formal documents confirming and officially legalising your intended change of name.
  • Certified Copies – Where we can create copies of original documents and attest them. This is then usually as good as the original. Often when you do not wish to send original documents to someone, we can attest the originals which may be used in their absence.